A group of 7 people standing in a line facing the camera with several trees in the background.

About Us

We're a high-performing team that has successfully worked together since 2008 before Orca Water was founded. In a previous life, we were a leading product design agency that transformed concepts into brand defining products, many of which were award winning products for successful clients.
Our experience in product design and development, software development, machine learning and manufacturing were all fundamental to starting Orca Water.

The Founding of Orca Water

The genesis of Orca Water began when the team's engineers started using ultrasonic sensors and applying machine learning to make sense of all of the data. What transpired was an analytics tool that could visualize and localize water use to specific fixtures through an interactive dashboard.
Through years of discovery, the team realized they had created a monitoring and predictive leak detection system that benefits water conservation.
The founder and CEO of Orca Water, Kerry Chin, taking a selfie beside a billboard that reads "drink wine, save water". He's posing with a thumbs up and smiling.
A group of 10 people of various ages and nationalities sitting at a long, wooden dining table in a restaurant. Everyone is turned towards the viewer and smiling. Drinks and plates of food line the top of the table.
The founder and CEO of Orca Water, Kerry Chin, standing behind a demo table at a Cleantech convention. The demo table has several product prototypes from Orca Water arranged side by side. There is an illuminated screen backdrop behind Kerry that depicts a photo of a lake surrounded by forests and mountains.
A group of 8 people standing in a line facing the camera. There's a huge wreath with yellow and gold ornaments hanging on the grey tiled wall above the group.