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The Orca Water Monitoring System
Orca Water knows water is the greatest risk facing properties. Flooding and mould are the most costly claims facing property managers and it affects everyone's bottom lines. Orca Water is mitigating this risk with our predictive leak detection system and reducing the exposure and damage caused by water.

There is a direct correlation between the duration of a leak and the damage it causes. Orca offers you a smart water leak prevention system uniquely designed for high rises, condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels or any multiple-unit property.

We understand how water flows and our machine learning algorithms allow our system to be predictive.
How it Works
Our suite of devices are non-intrusive using ultrasonic sensing—that means no cutting pipes or drywall. The Orca Water Monitoring System consists of pods for measurement, WaterTags for sensing and hubs for connectivity.

Together, we can gather analytics and create reports, notifications through our app and dashboard.