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The Orca Water Monitoring System

Orca Water knows water is the greatest risk facing properties. Flooding and mould are the most costly claims facing property managers and it affects everyone's bottom lines. Orca Water is mitigating this risk with our predictive leak detection system and reducing the exposure and damage caused by water.
There is a direct correlation between the duration of a leak and the damage it causes. Orca offers you a smart water leak prevention system uniquely designed for high rises, condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels or any multiple-unit property.
We understand how water flows and our machine learning algorithms allow our system to be predictive.
A set of rendered models placed on a white background, featuring the Orca Water Monitoring System. From left to right: Orca Pod, Orca Tag, Orca Flood Sensor, Orca App, Orca Ocean.
The Orca Pod water monitoring device clamped to a pipe against a wall.
A wired Orca Flood Sensor sitting on a wooden floor, in a puddle of water. The Orca Flood Sensor has a rounded square shape, relatively flat, is pale blue on top and black on the bottom, and about as large as two dimes side by side.
The Orca Pod water monitoring device clamped to a pipe against a wall. There is a wire from an Orca Flood Sensor attached to the bottom of the Orca Pod.
Minimalistic mockups of three iPhone 14s, each displaying simple graphics of an analytics dashboard. The mockups are staggered and arranged in two columns, on top of a light blue background.
A minimalistic mockup of a MacBook Pro that's displaying simple graphics of a desktop analytics dashboard. The mockup is placed on top of a light blue background with a wave motif.

How it Works

Our suite of devices are non-intrusive using ultrasonic sensing—that means no cutting pipes or drywall. The Orca Water Monitoring System consists of the Orca Pod for measurement, the WaterTag™ for sensing, the Flood Sensor for detecting leaks, and the Orca Hub for connectivity.
Together, we can gather analytics and create reports, notifications through our app and web dashboard.