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Hotels, short and long term rentals benefit from the Orca Water Monitoring System because having data and understanding of guests' water usage can add to the bottom line.
Hotels, in general, are taking initiatives to be more sustainable and recognized for their environmental stewardship as part of their ESG initiatives. Orca Water can further these initiatives because the data will provide better insights and understanding to their properties.
Orca Water also serves as an ancillary security device based on the fact that if no one is checked-in, water should be running.
A set of rendered models placed on a white background, featuring the Orca Water Monitoring System. From left to right: Orca Pod, Orca Tag, Orca Flood Sensor, Orca App, Orca Ocean.
An Orca Pod water monitoring device connected to a pipe leading from the wall to a toilet. An Orca Flood Sensor is connected to the Orca Pod by a wire, and is sitting on the bathroom floor beside the toilet.
A wired Orca Flood Sensor sitting on a wooden floor, in a puddle of water. The Orca Flood Sensor has a rounded square shape, relatively flat, is pale blue on top and black on the bottom, and about as large as two dimes side by side.