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50% of all insurance claims result from non-environmental water damage—there is a direct correlation between duration of leak and the amount of damage it causes. Finding a leak before it causes major damage is now cost effective and easy to install, no plumbers or technicians required.
Have a piece of mind that the Orca Water Monitoring System is looking after your home when you aren’t able to.
A wired Orca Flood Sensor sitting on a wooden floor, in a puddle of water. The Orca Flood Sensor has a rounded square shape, relatively flat, is pale blue on top and black on the bottom, and about as large as two dimes side by side.
The Orca Pod water monitoring device clamped to a pipe against a wall. There is a wire from an Orca Flood Sensor attached to the bottom of the Orca Pod.
A straight on view of a bathroom sink and counter, with the doors removed. There are two leak detectors, called Orca Tags, attached to the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe underneath the sink. Miscellaneous bathroom related items are neatly arranged on top of an underneath the counter.
An Orca Pod water monitoring device connected to a pipe leading from the wall to a toilet. An Orca Flood Sensor is connected to the Orca Pod by a wire, and is sitting on the bathroom floor beside the toilet.
A set of rendered models placed on a white background, featuring the Orca Water Monitoring System. From left to right: Orca Pod, Orca Tag, Orca Flood Sensor, Orca App, Orca Ocean.