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A close up image of one of Orca Water's monitoring devices, with the Orca Water logo visible on the chassis. There are ripples of light shining onto the device and the background, which is a light blue, as if submerged at the bottom of a pool.

Revolutionary Water Monitoring Systems for a Sustainable Future

Orca Water is a water solutions company focusing on usage monitoring, leak detection, consumption analysis, and water conservation.

Innovative Water Leak Detectors and Water Monitoring Solutions

The Orca Water Monitoring System utilizes proprietary sensors and ultrasonic sensing to measure water and predict water leaks non-intrusively: no plumbers, no cutting pipes, and no tools. Our platform combines internet-connected hardware with software that's powered by machine learning, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of their water use in residential, commercial, and institutional settings—right down to individual fixtures and appliances.
Orca Water's proprietary devices empower users including property managers and building owners, landlords, homeowners, and residents to track their water usage, manage water-related costs at any scale, and avoid costly water damage related to insurance and repairs.
Combined with water data and analytics, the Orca Water Monitoring System helps people contribute to the larger goal of conserving water resources by lowering the cost of retrofitting and adopting water monitoring and leak detection systems.
A set of rendered models placed on a white background, featuring the Orca Water Monitoring System. From left to right: Orca Pod, Orca Tag, Orca Flood Sensor, Orca App, Orca Ocean.

Predictive Flood Detection for Developers & Property Management

Nearly 50% of all insurance payouts in Canada are caused by non-weather related water damage, including leaks—which could have been prevented with the Orca Water Monitoring System.
Quickly identify water flow and leaks at the source for multiple buildings and properties, saving you precious time and money without all of the guesswork.
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Water Analytics and Leak Detection for Hotels & Short Term Rentals

Hotel owners and landlords are taking the initiative in becoming more sustainable and recognized for their environmental stewardship, as well better educating their guests on the importance of water conservation.
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A wired Orca Flood Sensor sitting on a bathroom floor beside the toilet. The Orca Flood Sensor has a rounded square shape, relatively flat, is pale blue on top and black on the bottom, and about as large as two dimes side by side.

Residential Water Monitoring and Leak Detection

Track and measure water use, detect leaks, and monitor unusual water events in real-time with our suite of Orca devices. The Orca Water Monitoring System is scalable and modular to suit any type of home, for any number of fixtures and appliances.
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The Benefits of Installing an Orca Water Monitoring System

Scalable and modular to suit any dwelling, with a user-friendly design that's easy for anyone to use and install without tools or a plumber.
Gain valuable insights and water analytics in real-time for every fixture and appliance in your home.
Accurately track and monitor water use, leaks, and abnormal water activity with our proprietary devices and ultrasonic sensing.
Easily access water use analytics, trends, and leak notifications with the Orca App and the Orca Web Dashboard for property managers.
Prevent insurance increases and costly property expenses—earlier detection of leaks, burst pipes, and water events means less damage.
Cost-effective system makes water monitoring and conservation more accessible to more people; paving the way towards a water-resilient future.
A photograph of a lake surrounded by forests and mountains on a clear, sunny day. The scenery is mirrored in the lake, which is still and peaceful.

Our Approach to Water Conservation and Sustainability

Water security has only recently become a major concern in Earth's climate crisis, where it's projected that 75% of the world's population will live in water stressed regions by 2050.
Water needs better data—and Orca Water is at the forefront to ensure water security for all.
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Orca Water is transforming how the world values and measures water.