Our Mission

Global water scarcity is one of the defining challenges of our generation.

Orca aims to bring heightened awareness to water conservation through meaningful, accessible, and transparent data. We turn complex information into relatable visualizations to help people better understand their habits and prompt change.
Our goal is to cultivate a community that strives toward the preservation of the world's most precious resource: water. By modifying our lifestyles to minimize the impact on excessive resource consumption, we can ensure that there is enough water for everyone now and in the future.
We want to help people make a difference, no matter how big or small.

Traditional conservation and water metering initiatives aren't enough.

We need:

Better data.
Visualize where and how much water is used in the home.
Wireless, connected sensors, edge computing.
Verifiable proof it works so it can be repeated.
People need to be moved to make an impact.
Improved awareness.
Understanding is the first step to action.
Behavioural science.
Understanding how best to harness human cognition to achieve conservation goals.
Join the cause.
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