DRIED UP: Texas cities in fear of running out of water
The American West is experiencing its driest period in human history, a megadrought that threatens health, agriculture and entire ways of life.
Water scarcity: River ban extended in eastern Scotland
A new ban on taking water from rivers has come into force in eastern Scotland.
Lake Mead's water level has never been lower. Here's what that means.
The American West is facing its most severe drought in human history. Research suggests conditions are drier now than they have been for at least 1,200 years, and, compounded by the effects of climate change, will likely persist for another decade.
The Price of Water: A Comparison of Water Rates, Usage in 30 U.S. Cities
A first of its kind survey of residential water use and prices in 30 metropolitan regions in the United States has found that some cities in rain-scarce regions have the lowest residential water rates and the highest level of water use.
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