About Orca

Who We Are
Prior to Orca, we all worked at a leading product design agency transforming client ideas into brand defining products that evoke passion and engage people.
Our core team of designers and engineers are elite thinkers capable of synthesizing strategy, user experience, and the technical challenges of bringing solutions to market. With more than 70 years of cumulative experience in product development for high-tech, startups, established brands and investor-backed enterprises, we now turn our focus to global water security.
We want to empower everyone to radically change how they value, conserve and use the world’s most precious resource: fresh water. We’re convinced that groundbreaking results at scale can be realized within our generation.

Our Values

Orca believes in empowering people with the confidence that they can make a difference, no matter how big or small.
Our brand and the things we create are driven by the belief that positive change begins with passion, knowledge, and transparency.
Empathetic, not Egotistic
We put people first and view the world from their eyes. There might be technology involved, but we make sure that everything is easy to understand so that everyone can see the benefits.
Truthful in Our Approach
We know information is powerful. We aim to be as informed as possible and enable others to make mindful choices through knowledge and transparency.
We're in this Together
We make sure that solutions are accessible and attainable. Resolving real-world issues requires involvement, coordination, and cooperation, where every action adds up and many are stronger than one.
Make an Impact
We aim to be a catalyst for change by motivating, empowering, and educating people and their social circles.
Passionately Motivated
We bring awareness to a serious worldwide issue in a way that’s achievable by individuals and their local communities. We want people to share our enthusiasm and challenge what’s possible in order to make a difference!
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